Joining the home shop trend in 2020, I gave birth to this small sticker shop on etsy. The idea is to be the icon of positive voice to the depressing pandemic life that we were in. The brand speaks kindness, playfulness, colorful but not the kinder-gardener kind of colorful. It's carefully selected and tested. The name of positivistick is driven from a simple message POSITIVITY - STICKer. I want something easy to understand and honest. The brand and products went Viral in 2021 on tiktok. One of the videos reached about 100k views in collaboration with Eco-friendly packaging company-NOISSUE. I had sooooo much fun designing the branding, packaging, marketing materials, social posts, etc.

Date: 2020
Client: Positivistick
Role: Owner, Brand Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, All Hats