Hi there! 

They say... a picture is worth a thousand words. So, I give you 6 which is equal to 6000 words! That should be enough words to describe me, right?

Anyway... I am Abby! 

I am a 100% and 24/7 creative human who wants to always be well-organized (Yes, I run my life by labeling things and making doable lists). I come from many different flavors of art forms. 

I started my design journey as an Interior-architect. Then, moved to east coast to learn illustration and graphic design. Then ended up in the south of Georgia to study animation and self-taught hand-lettering.

I normally will take both coffee or tea, and I am in love with food, the outdoor, my puppy, music and history. I do DIY home projects when I have left-over energy. I enjoy scuba-diving because I always wish I were a mermaid. I always keep the people I love closer. I have ridiculously high respect for hard-work, details and craftsmanship and I pay attention to colors more than normal humans do (Yes I color coordinate my clothes and books).

In my professional life, I am a full-time Art director and a night shift entrepreneur. I own a tiny sticker shop and also a superhost for Airbnb homes. It sounds like a lot, it does, but I happen to be granted an excellent superpower at prioritizing things :D and a super loving husband who's very supportive.

Please look around and enjoy my love for design.

Thank you!

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