Hi I'm Abby!

I love coffee, tea, food, music and history. I would travel anywhere for them. I am impatient because I am always curious. 

From 9-5, I am a Sr. Manager Brand design and an Art director and from 5-12 I am wearing my entrepreneur hats. I am a small business owner on etsy and also a superhost for two Airbnb homes. 

I come from many different flavors of art forms. I start my design journey as an Interior architect. Then, move to east coast to learn illustration and graphic design. Then end up in the south of Georgia to study animation and self-taught hand-lettering. I am currently living in Dallas, Texas, but I'm willing to travel for any awesome projects!

I am a 100% and 24/7 creative human who loves and always wants to be a well-organized human (Yes, I run my life by labeling things and making doable lists). If someone asked what would I be if I weren't in creative field, I would say.. "Nope! I don't want that life!!"

I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy scuba-diving, I love organizing my stuff and my life. I play drum proficiently (I once a full-time drummer. That's another form of art I'd say). I appreciate the unknown. I ask so many questions and I search so many things. I am fulfilled because I always keep the people I love closer. Some people say I am very animated. I have ridiculously high respect for hard-work, details and craftsmanship. I love cleaning and organizing, I think being OCD in that area is an advantage. 

I pay attention to colors more than normal humans do. In that case, Yes I color coordinate my clothes and books. That's how my brain works. 

Please look around and enjoy my love for design.

Thank you!

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